As the U.S. presidential election unfolds and as the Republican and Democratic parties convene national conventions this month, Politics continues to be a major spotlight issue in the news as it has been for many months. Now, two top American cities, Cleveland and Philadelphia, are front and center as party delegates converge to formally select their candidates and solidify their platforms.

But both Cleveland and Philadelphia are about more than just Politics — both are Music towns!

We all know that Cleveland is the home of the “Rock & Roll Hall of Fame” and that Philadelphia has it’s own sound (“The Sound of Philadelphia”)! It’s no suprise that as a result, both also are home to many world-acclaimed musicians of special note.

Both cities will remain central to Music on the international stage even after the conventions end and everyone goes home, so we compiled the infographic below to share a little information about Politics and Music and more in Cleveland and Philadelphia!

A Tale of Two Cities Infographic