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We’ve spent our lifetimes loving, collecting, playing and listening to many genres of music in all formats, but our hands-down absolute favorite medium for music is vinyl!

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We are music junkies and vinyl enthusiasts, and we have spent our lives buying, playing, collecting, trading, selling and listening to music in its many genres on all formats! To

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We are purveyors of classic and vintage vinyl in most genres and we scour the country (and sometimes the world) for records primarily, but not always, 12″ LPs to fill

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Check this out: You'll be pleased at how easy it is to start receiving classic and vintage vinyl records from 3GreatDogs! Step 1) Register with us to create your account.

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Members of the 3GreatDogs vinyl curation subscription service are assured a high quality product every month at a price that is affordable for every record collector!


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[masthead] All Time Greatest R&B Artists

All-Time Greatest R&B Artists

August 21, 2016 Here's a list of iconic R&B artists that are plucked from a very, very long list of stellar musicians and performers. It is a finite list because we had to choose 10, but it is NOT intended to exclude many other great R&B artists, who will be included in many
Nathan East

Nathan East: For The Record

July 24, 2016 Most collectors of contemporary American music probably have at least one — and most likely more than one — record with Nathan East, Barry White, Wynona Judd, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, Tower of Power, Whitney Houston, Lionel Richie, Herbie Hancock and even more. Just name any contemporary artist and Nathan

Politics and Music: A Tale of Two Cities

July 17, 2016 As the U.S. presidential election unfolds and as the Republican and Democratic parties convene national conventions this month, Politics continues to be a major spotlight issue in the news as it has been for many months. Now, two top American cities, Cleveland and Philadelphia, are front and center as party