3GreatDogs is a vinyl curation subscription service like no other! We operate in the style of the original music clubs like Columbia Record Club and RCA Music Service, but we don’t send the same selection in bulk to all of our members like those clubs. Instead, we hand-pick every record based the personalized interest of each of our individual Members, so they can be sure to receive something especially for them!

We focus on vinyl ONLY when we curate our selections, so we don’t have to look for or think about other products — i.e., wine, food, coffee, cocktails, recipes, artwork, clothing, comics — or anything else that would distract us from finding high-quality vinyl records for our Members.

What’s in it for you?

  • Regularly score some great classic and vintage albums while building your very own curated vinyl collection in the genre of your choice.
  • Get records worth owning that are hand-picked especially for you and delivered to your door every month.
  • Be surprised by the 12″ LP and occasional bonus — 7″ single, poster, liner note, or another LP perhaps — that arrives in your package every month.
  • Discover artists and albums you might not otherwise have ever heard about and re-discover some long-missing classics, all in your favorite genre.
  • Take advantage of our free personalized search service leveraged through our network of worldwide vinyl sources, just in case you’re looking for something special.

If you haven’t joined us yet, Get Started Now and start receiving new additions to your vinyl collection soon!!

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: Can I try your service before I subscribe?

A: Of course! We have a Trial level so you can get a good feel for the type and quality of vinyl we provide.

Q: How long will it take to receive my first record?

A: That depends on when you subscribe with us. All Member packages are sent during the last week of each month and our goal is for those packages to arrive before the end of the first week of the next month.

Q: Do I need a credit card?

A: We use Paypal for all transactions. Paypal gives you an option to pay with your credit or debit card without having a Paypal account.

Q: Where do you get the vinyl?

A: Our sources are located all over the country and sometimes we look in other places throughout the world to find quality, hard-to-find classic and vintage vinyl for our Members.

Q: I’m looking for something special. Who should I contact about finding a specific artist or album? Do you offer a search service?

A: Yes, we conduct special searches at no cost to our members and the service is available for non-members for a fee. Please send an email to “alpha [at] 3greatdogs.com” (without quotes) using the Subject “Search Service” (without quotes) and let us know specifically what you’re looking for. We’ll get back to you with any questions and all relevant details as soon as possible.

Q: Who should I contact about all subscription matters?

A: If you’re already a Member of 3GreatDogs, please log in to access a special contact form created especially for you. Otherwise, Please send an email to “alpha [at] 3greatdogs.com” (without quotes).

Q: Who should I contact if I want to write for 3GreatDogs?

A: Email us at alpha [at] 3greatdogs.com with “Writer Application” in the Subject line and in the message body send:

  1. A word about yourself and your areas of musical expertise;
  2. A bit about why you want to write for 3GreatDogs;
  3. A list of some of your favorite albums and tracks from the past few years; and
  4. A list of links to your work (no attachments).

We are most interested in reviews and critical pieces.

Q: The answer to my question isn’t provided here. Who should I contact?

A: Send us an email to “alpha [at] 3greatdogs.com” (without quotes).